Supreme Wealth Alliance is known for generously giving away brand new cars on their promos. In order to qualify on the raffle a SWA member must have at least refer (3) three new direct referrals without existing account on SWA to acquire a single ticket.

On that phase of the promo SWA Philippine Team came up. With the goal of helping one another for their referrals. Each member who first joined were given direct referrals by team effort. While the team was struggling to recruit new members, some who unselfishly want to help other member on the line voluntarily made a re entry or re-heads in order to fill the remaining slots on the matrix which means more SWA accounts of a member of (SPT) SWA Philippine Team have more chances to be given direct referrals and more chances to have multiple tickets. As we look at it, it is indeed normal on each SPT member to have multuple accounts and multiple tickets.

From then on people saw how nice the plan works and what happened is people from different teams who can hardly recruit joined the SPT team. With members from almost all over the world nothing is impossible for a team working together as one. Effortlessly SWA Philippine Team really need not to convince others because they voluntarily joined and believe it or not they joined the team with at least two and others more than ten accounts.

Somehow these tickets has built envy and jealousy among other leaders when they saw that DOROTHY CHING SANTOS has 13 thirteen tickets on the raffle same with THE MENTOR NIÑO OBISPO who has the same made other leaders brought SWA PHILIPPINE TEAM on the hot seat as soon as they learned about it. The team strategy has been criticized the members were called weak. They said that SPT is doing wrong... Duh! What is wrong with helping? SPT made a stand. Three month on joining SPT is enough for a member to become leaders of their own.

To learn, to earn, and to share without neglecting to connect uplift and create. As long as there is Supreme Wealth Alliance (SPT) SWA PHILIPPINE TEAM stays on believing. The value of trust, friendship and unity within the team is priceless. Much more valuable than any other tickets. And as long as there is God above us, no one on earth can possibly break us.

God Bless (SPT) Swa Philippine Team.



My employer encouraged me to join online marketing or investing in stock market, he said "no one gets rich in working here in Taiwan especially on your kind of job". I started browsing while asking myself how am I going to start if I know nothing about all these? 

Someone introduced me to Supreme Wealth Alliance, I was stressed because of unlimited tags, auto mention on comments, endless chat and It just gave me headache. Aside from it, my questions was not answered, they said I should be on the team first in order for me to understand. You'd think I will join on something I do not understand don't you? How am I going to tell on my invites how it works?

Online business Income A relative asked me again to join SWA (Supreme Wealth Alliance), I declined because I know I can't hack on it. No one on my friends believe on it and I knew there is no chance that I would get any invites. And I met bunch of discouragements. He never mentioned SWA PHILIPPINE TEAM.

But on that very moment I looked on their posts, I said wow! They are helping their members on their referrals and I am wondering if is it for real? Why do they have to give it if they can keep them for themselves so that they can earn more. I joined and yes it is true I earned and still waiting for my next earnings. 

Honestly while I'm on the team I am not thinking about the money , I enjoyed every moment. I enjoy meeting new friends, learning , sharing new ideas I am not thinking of my 2,500 one time investment anymore. I discovered so many things on my self, I BELIEVE on my potentials, rejection doesn't affect me anymore. Ideas on my posts comes out naturally.

And the reason why I keep on doing this? SWA Philippine Team has made one of my greatest dream come true (not money) I won't mention it because nobody knows. And no one on the mentors knows that they had fulfilled it. 

I will recommend joining Supreme Wealth Alliance on first timers on networking specially online. It is worth the experience. It is also a nice chance and opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs of the future who have so many things to share.


Loraine Asuncion Tactay is presently working as caregiver in Taiwan, married with two kids, loves reading and writing.

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Maninina: A Revelation

Ilonggo Director TM Malones  has now released a new documentary film entitled Maninina: A Revelation.  A documentary film about determining the identity of a local snake that can be found on the island of Panay, Philippines. Maninina is the name given by the locals to describe a long, black, allegedly venomous snake that terrifies everyone. 

Produced and Written by T.m. Malones

See Maninina : A Revelation - Part 1 below

Maninina: A Revelation is NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Contact Nathan Sotto at 09177043698 or email us at darkmediacreations@gmail.com


The following contains dangerous and venomous animals being captured by an experienced person. Trying to replicate the following footage may result in serious injury or death.

To know more about T.M Malones please visit here. You may also like Maninina: A Revelation page in facebook.


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