Maninina: A Revelation

Ilonggo Director TM Malones  has now released a new documentary film entitled Maninina: A Revelation.  A documentary film about determining the identity of a local snake that can be found on the island of Panay, Philippines. Maninina is the name given by the locals to describe a long, black, allegedly venomous snake that terrifies everyone. 

Produced and Written by T.m. Malones

See Maninina : A Revelation - Part 1 below

Maninina: A Revelation is NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Contact Nathan Sotto at 09177043698 or email us at darkmediacreations@gmail.com


The following contains dangerous and venomous animals being captured by an experienced person. Trying to replicate the following footage may result in serious injury or death.

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Department Of Education (DepEd) Should Include Blogging in School Curriculum

Based on the survey result of Social Weather Station, there are approximately 8.4 million Filipinos who are unemployed. And that was about three months ago. Imagine how many individuals and families have meager or no income at all.

Unemployment is a huge problem the government must address. To be fair, the government is doing its best to provide citizens jobs through various agencies including the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), as well as livelihood assistance through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

If all of their efforts aren’t enough, or some of the programs are ineffective, then the government should find and try new ways that will lead to the reduction of unemployment in the country.

Why don’t the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) try to include blogging in the school curriculum? Why don’t TESDA try to offer basic blogging as a three-month course? Such as basic blogging site building, attaching layouts, how to simple run and etc.

If you only know how it works, blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to earn money.

Blogging doesn’t require a diploma. You only need a computer (you can rent one at an internet shop in the neighborhood), an internet connection, and simple english knowledge to start with.

You are your own boss, meaning you’re self-employed; you can manage your time and do the job at home; you can attend to and provide your family’s needs; and you don’t have to leave your loved ones to work abroad just to earn dollars.

I’ve been advocating this for a couple of years already because I know for a fact how hard it is to get a stable job. I’ve worked as a contractual worker in three well-known broadcast companies and as a government employee with a coterminous status and meager salary.

Owner of Coolbuster.net blog site said despite being a college graduate and a professional civil service exam passer, I wasn’t given a permanent job. So I decided to quit to focus on blogging. From there on I was able to earn a dozen times more than what I got in the past sixteen years.  

I know some Filipino bloggers out there who are making money online, around six figures monthly. If you blog and your blog site becomes popular, ads will follow and cash will pour in. You might even surpass their income.

Why don’t you try blogging after reading this post? Don’t waste too much of your time on Facebook. There’s plenty of blogging resources on the web. All you have to do is read and if you already have a know-how, create a blog. By doing so, you help reduce the number of jobless pinoys.


It’s More Fun with Philip: Ang Lifestyle Show ng Bayan!

For years, Philip Abadicio has always been associated with the success of the products and brands he launched for his clients. As a PR practitioner, he established RPA & Communicate where he mastered the ropes of the lifestyle industry.  Thus, it gave him the chance to hobnob with some of the country’s known celebrities in society, showbiz, business, politics and media.  It also brought out the friendliest and most intuitive side of his personality as captured on-cam in his latest quest as lifestyle TV host.

Now on its second season, It’s More Fun with Philip: Ang Lifestyle Show ng Bayan! is on its second season and telecast every Sunday 9:30 pm, on TV5’s news channel, Aksyon TV (with a replay every Tuesday, 9:30 pm and Saturday, 5 pm). With his renewed contract with the network, Philip has been given an assurance of his status as the only TV show and host that paves the way for lifestyle to be more interesting and within reach of all Filipinos.

Some people say that Philip Abadicio is the Boy Abunda of TV5. “Wow! What an honor to be compared with my friend, Boy Abunda! But our show is really not an entertainment program but a lifestyle show that makes the audience experience the delicious food we eat, the wonderful places we visit, the latest gadgets we try, the latest fashion, the beauty fixes, and the spa treatments we enjoyed. It’s a show that gives the audience the chance to win these experiences and thus, share with them all the lifestyle aspects we featured in the show,” relates the fast-rising TV host.

There are others who have compared Philip Abadicio with Tim Yap. “Again, I don’t know how I can measure up to another good friend, Tim Yap!” As a lifestyle host, Philip believes that there are a lot of things to be discovered by Filipinos from all walks of life. “A good lifestyle,” he says, “must not only be enjoyed by people who can afford, but must also be made relevant to all our kapatid here and abroad.” It’s an eye-opener on how life can be lived in style and with loads of fun. “We hope to provide a lifestyle show where we all learn and be more conscious of the beautiful, inspiring and delicious things around us. It’s a show that I’m hoping will educate, entertain and inspire all of us,” he explains.

It’s More Fun with Philip: Ang Lifestyle Show ng Bayan! is visually appealing, culturally enriching, and gastronomically appetizing with the different segments  in every episode such as Bentang Bago,  a showcase of the hippest trends, newest dining options, chill spots, fitness forays, and other fab finds in the metro. It is more interactive as the host gives the viewers a chance to sample the featured items by simply tweeting, sharing their comments on social media or texting.

Napasubo Ka! Is a segment where people from different walks of life would personally try the featured products or services, while Ang Hamon poses a daring challenge to Philip, may it be doing odd jobs or finishing a specific task. 

Segments like Galaw-galaw and Kuwentuhang Kumot are more intimate, where a spill-all interview with the guest co-host is done under the blanket with the slogan: Iba ang kwentuhan sa loob ng  kumot.
Even the bumper’s segments are hilariously smart, like I Saw the Sign, Whatchathink? (Asking passersby on their thoughts about trivial questions), Ano Kaya Kung… (Features short and snappy challenges that we usually think about but never tried), and Weblog (discusses news bits on the online lifestyle source, www.StyleRPA.com, of which Philip Abadicio is editor-in-chief).

It’s More Fun with Philip: Ang Lifestyle Show ng Bayan! is directed by Mike Canlas and written by Lucci Coral.  Aksyon TV is on Channel 41 on UHF or free TV, Channel 78 on Destiny Cable, Channel 59 on Sky Cable, and Channel 1 on Cignal. Get ready as Philip provides you with a viewing experience full of fun, information and entertainment as he brings you around Metro Manila and other parts of the country, and maybe even the world, with style.
For daily updates on the past and current episodes including ongoing contests and winners, follow @PhilipAbadicio on Twitter and Instagram, and like www.facebook.com/ItsMoreFunWithPhilip.


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